NetZero Care Tablets

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Our NetZero Care Tablets provide a single tablet that can be used in dozens of applications. These 1g tablets may be dropped into 32oz of water for a selection of Low-Concentration Applications (LCA) or into 16oz of water for a selection of High-Concentration Applications (HCA).  

Here are a few of the LCA tasks you can tackle:

  • General Hard Surface Cleaning with microfiber
  • Pet and Pet Area deodorizing
  • Washing Machine refreshing
  • Coffeemaker descaling
  • Fruit & Vegetable wash
  • Cigar Humidor conditioning
  • Cutting Board deodorizing
  • Water Cooler cleaning
  • Barber Shop implement cleaning

Here are a few of the HCA tasks you can tackle:

  • Dishwasher descaling
  • Bath & Tile deep-cleaning & scum remover
  • Mildew Stain remover
  • Refrigerator Crisper preservative
  • Garbage Disposal deodorizer
  • Ice Machine cleaner

Here are some suggestions for drop-in applications for just the tablets:

  • Toilet Tank & Bowl cleaning
  • Coffee & Travel Mug de-staining
  • Humidifier air cleaner